Thursday, April 20, 2006

Committee To Protect Bloggers Signs Off

Although I have not posted to this weblog recently (due to my focus on three other weblogs), I have just found out that the Committee to Protect Bloggers is signing off for the very last time.

Sixteen months after I began it, I am closing down the Committee to Protect Bloggers. There are a host of reasons for my decision, but the short one is, the organization is no longer sustainable. This will be the last post on the blog. The blog itself will remain up as long as the hosting service wishes to keep it in place.

Although the Committee to Protect Bloggers is done, the legal organization behind it is not. That organization has already created several independent projects and has begun a new one.

Blogging, although fun is what I call a "rough hobby" in the fact that life, political pressures, work or your government can convince people to leave the field indefinitely.

Committee to Protect Bloggers, which recently became a non-profit organization, has left the field due to the fact of funds and timing.

They will be greatly missed.


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