Friday, April 28, 2006

The Dark Side Of The Nav Bar (Spam Fraud)

One of the benefits of having a Nav Bar within Google Blogger is it gives you the ability to search new and interesting weblogs and search within your own (although you can do that without it).

On the flip side of the coin, if someone does not like you they can mark your weblog as spam, which may cripple your weblog operation. Via Sister Raya on the Blogger Help Group:

My blog PAINTERSMARKETPLACE was for some reason flagged by a spambot.
The message I received when I went to post was it was most probably and
error and that a human would review in less than 24 hours. I filled out
the request for my blog to be view by a human and no one has reviewed

My blog is a "teamblog" and my members would like to post. I also
emailed Adsense. No response. I feel like crying. I put so much work
into this blog to give artists exposure for their work.

How can I get Google to look at my blog and see that we are not mindless spammers. I
would so appreciate anyone's help or advice. I'm getting really blue
about it.

The good news is that Google will eventually get around to it. The bad news is that it may take them a while (remember, the whole planet emails/calls/IM's these guys). Perhaps if enough blogspot users discuss this on Technorati, it may give attention to her plight.

But if Raya ever gets her blog back up, I would recommend that she remove the Nav Bar, as I have found it to be a dangerous tool, especially if you blog about politics.

Note: Oh, and you can visit her blog over here. Looking forward to some future posts.


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