Friday, July 28, 2006

Ending This Weblog...

After posting well over 200 times on here, I am shutting this weblog down.

It's not that I'm leaving blogging altogether--it's just that I want to focus on other topics that interest me.

I'll be over at these six blogs for those of you who are interested.

  • One Spirit: "For through him we both have access by one Spirit unto the Father." ~Eph. 2:18
  • Colony Worlds: "Seeking Out New Homes On New Worlds."
  • IsraGood: "Detailing Israeli technology, culture...and all things Kosher."
  • Inside Orkut: "News, views and cultural taboos from inside Orkut's community forums."
  • Picasa Fun: "Discussing tips and techniques, and having fun with Google's Picasa."
  • Darnell (My Mind In Orbit): A personal weblog.

Well, nothing else to say around here, so, have fun! Peace!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Print And Pattern Going Dutch?

It looks as if Bowie is showing off some very interesting designs over on her site Print and Pattern. And this pillow sure looks tempting.

I wonder if she actually makes them? Anyways, here is a brief description explaining why she posted the pillow above.

from yesterdays japanese designs today im going dutch, and looking at these fun designs on glass coasters from dutch company present time. they also have some nifty cushions featuring the trend flower, a japanese chrysanth. present time are also the producers of some great products designed by dutch design studio muurbloem, as featured in the next post....

Sounds interesting. I've never considered fashion blogs before, but I wouldn't be surprised if Bowie's idea catches on (perhaps she could lead the niche!). Either way, she needs to spice up her skin layout. Here are my suggestions below:

Television Slave Goes Shopping

After a long hibernation, my first victim blog to reviewed happens to be an addict of television commercials who goes by the name of Msbauer on her blog.

Like all normal Americans, Msbauer goes clothes shopping, and just like the rest of us experiences problems along the way.

I was not going to be picky. I was not going to haggle with myself over price. I was not going to look at something I found interesting and then put it back because it was too expensive. I was going to SHOP.

Unfortunately, it didn't work out as I had hoped. In fact, it didn't work out at all. See, I have a pretty tiny waist. But I am by no means skinny. I also have a huge ass. Big Dutch Butt or some such thing. So, tiny waist, big fat ass. So, I have a very curvy, womanly figure. Apparantly, no one else has a figure like this. They don't design clothes for it.

Unfortunately Msbauer was unable to find the item she was looking for, although she did however manage to find something online. (hurrah for the internet)

She has an interesting blog, but the layout could use improvement. Since she enjoys fashion and television, perhaps these two templates could improve her blog outlook.

Sigh...I try too hard sometimes.

And I'm Back!

So after going through not only this weblog's code, but also on several others, I have finally returned to this blog. But what shall I post? Well, only time will tell, mainly because I have an hour left before Google works on blogger.

We need to perform hardware maintenance on the photos system for Blogger. This means that photo uploading and serving will be down for approximately 1 hour starting at 5pm (Pacific Time). All photos previously uploaded will not be visible during this maintenance.

Thanks for your understanding.

Sigh...well, at least I have something to talk about. Meanwhile, for those of you still seeking entertainment, this video (posted on my personal journal) should give everyone a treat.


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