Saturday, March 04, 2006

A Homeless Blogger?

(Hat Tip: Blogger Buzz)

Who says you can not blog away from home? Apparently their is a homeless person in Greensboro, NC who has decided to blog about his adventures on the street.

One trope the homeless -- or any poor person -- faces is that life slows down once you've lost your home/all your money.

No it doesn't, either. If anything, it speeds up.

One loss you feel is the loss of routine. A home is more than a roof over your head and a place to raise kids*, it is also a base from which to conduct your life. The old adage "a man's home is his castle"** applies here in the sense that a castle also served as headquarters and seat of power for the noble in charge. You just feel, well, more capable when you know that you have a base to return to where you can recharge and keep your stuff.

The blogger is getting help from some churches, which generally do a more effective job IMHO than the government when reaching the needs of others.

Word of this blogger's adventures have been getting around the world lately, and with his story appearing in Germany as well.

Hopefully someone will hire this blogger, who seems to have a skill in graphic design. Any takers?


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