Monday, March 13, 2006

Junk Mail, And How To Fight Back!

Virtual Nobody is fed up with receiving junk mail on a daily basis and has decided to fight back.

So I've decided that from now on I will package up everything in these little bundles of wasteful joy and send them to their destination. Back to the company that is soliciting me. I think they need to be completely aware that I am in no way interested in their products or services. [...]

So how about joining me. You know they don't have to pay postage for those business reply envelopes unless they actually get mailed. So stuff those buddies up and put'em back in the box.

Simply stuffing the envelope is not enough. I think it may be more amusing to go a bit further and insert broken markers, pens and baby-chewed crayons as well.

After all, if you are going to return their own spam, you might as well add interest to the blessing that you have received.


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