Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Are You Three Dimensional?

Tree George (pronounced "trey") has some fascinating 3-D (space?) art that boggles the mind with beauty. Here is an image from his site with an explanation below.

(Photo Credit: The Great Tree)

In this image, I took a sphere and placed it inside a slightly larger square. [...] Of course, if I had centered the square within the circle that might have helped the composition. I'd like to think when this pod crashed into the sea, it cracked and twisted.

Excellent photos! Definitely going to add this to the list of interesting sites on the sidebar (and soon I'll dedicate a whole day posting about these fantastic blogs). I think my favorite image is 10pm.

Note: Is he writing a photo blog novel? Interesting...


  1. Darnell, thanks for the link. In answer to your question, I am writing a sci-fi story, which is driven by the images. That is, I create the image first and the image inspires what happens next in the story. I believe the story currently has 60+ posts with the last ten or so including audio commentary on the backstory along with a reading. About six or so posts down from the current is a summation of the story to date (audio summation) for anyone that wants to get up to speed on what is happening. Thanks again for stopping by and for the link. Much appreciated.

  2. No problem! I look forward to reading your scifi novel, and it will be interesting to read one with cool photos woven in between the story. :)



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