Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Million Pixel Gallery?

Rebecca it seems has stumbled upon a way for artists to gain more exposure.

1 Million pixels art gallery
The internet's first and only 1 Million Pixel Homepage Art Gallery!
The newest way for artists to exhibit their art online.

exhibits, voting polls, art classifieds, art news feeds, free art classfieds, free artist link directory and more.
The homepage is in the process of creation and will soon be 1 million pixels of art.

I've seen this "pixel advertising" before on other websites, and basically have written off 99% of them as scams. After all, there is no point in visiting a site if it consist entirely of ads.

Displaying art however is ingenious and makes it worthwhile to visit the site. Whoever came up with this idea to feature artists may have found a way to change the image of pixel advertising.

Some of the art work is actually good too! So check it out. Thanks Rebecca!


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