Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Free Deodorant? What?

If it wasn't true, I would laugh really hard. According to The Domestic Diva's blog site, Degree Deodorant is giving away free samples of their product for guys and girls.

I'd quote her below, but she has Copy Scape enabled and she may freak out if I quoted three words (even with credit assigned). Sigh.


  1. No, I won't freak out if you quote me just as long as credit is given. Copyscape is on my site so people don't try to copy everything that I do [mainly my graphics].

    Anywho, thanx for the comments on my blog and for the link here. Much appreciated.

    Hope to hear from ya soon.

  2. Your welcome! ;)

    Thanks for clarifying the copyscape for me!

    I've seen other bloggers with it as well, and generally do not quote from them as the last thing I wanted was a lawsuit because of copyright theft.

    I'll include a link to you next time. :)



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