Thursday, February 02, 2006

Watch Out For The Blog Patrol!

I love the slogan on their site.

Ridding the internet of ugly blogs one blog at a time!

The little Canadian at the top is hilarious too! I'm adding them to the list of interesting blogs and hopefully they can help bloggers improve their template layouts.

I was doing something similar to this when I came across interesting, yet basic template bloggers. Fortunately pointing many to made the difference.


  1. Thanks Darnell for stopping by our site and for saying all those nice things. We did recently post Ask For Help. This post should probably be highlighted on the sidebar so people could find help a bit faster, I will add it there soon.

    I created The Blog Patrol, but I also do template design over at BlogJacket and I happen to think they are cooler than most of what I see offered out on the blogosphere these days. Soon I hope to have some better free skins available, but I am too busy making custom designs right now.

    Again, thanks for your kind words and keep on bloggin!

    God Bless.

  2. You see, this is why it's good to follow links. I followed one and ended up on a Blogger blog. I think BlogPatrol is pretty good, and I hope they live up to their slogan. I want you guys' opionion on my blog. It's relatively new in the blogosphere, but its makin' waves nonetheless. Thanks guys.



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