Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Scary Stuff, Cyber Stuff

My sympathies go out towards the author of Ask Daddy-Mommy is Off Duty who is going for some testing to see if anything is wrong with her gall bladder.

I pray that the doctors find out the problem and discover a quick solution, as hospital visits are never fun (unless you are having a child, then they are semi fun I guess).

Later on throughout her post, she talks about Microsoft "being good."

I recently downloaded the Microsoft Anti Spam and Anti Spyware and they have been keeping my computer nice and clean and running in tip top shape.

I was beginning to think the poor thing was starting to get old (okay, four years is probably ancient in computer years) and just could not handle things any longer, but it is like a brand new machine.

Now if I can just talk hubby into the 400 GB hard drive I saw yesterday...when did I become such a techo babe?

Heh! Well, I don't know what one would do with a 400 GB hard drive (unless your legally backing up movies to your personal server).

But if she is looking for the space because of storage, she may want to consider creating an email address at either or Mail Nation as both are offering 1000 GB (a whole terabyte) for free.


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