Thursday, February 16, 2006

Skiing For All The Wrong Reasons

This would have made an excellent Valentines post...except for the fact that it was posted after Valentines day. Here Indigo recaps on her semi-romantic pursuit of a boy named P.V.D:

I probably should have stuck out the ski lessons that my parents paid for, that would have been the wise thing to do. However, I thought I could figure it out. I mean, how hard could downhill skiing be??? I skipped my lessons and went straight for the slopes, hunting P.D.V. out all night long. [...]

I recall skiing down the back of the hills one night, it was pitch dark and the slope was narrow and I had to try my best not to hit a tree. I totally wiped out and kept on sliding .... but my ski fell off and didn't slide down with me. I think I hollered up to people to 'throw me my ski!' or something completely lame like that.

Oh yeah, Hubby is sooooooooooooo lucky that P.D.V. didn't fall for my cuteness during the Ski Club.

"Hubby" probably is lucky (hey, that rhymed!), although I wonder if he is going give Indigo skiing lessons in the near future?

If not, I recommend snow boarding (although snow biking may be more fun).


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