Saturday, February 25, 2006

Weblog Ghetto Speak

It seems that like all subcultures bloggers have developed their own form of "ghetto speak." Here is a list from the Blogger Buzz:

  • MSM: "mainstream media"
  • Above the fold: "what we see on a blog's screen before we begin to scroll down"
  • The jump: "a place to which the blog's readership is referred inside the Web site"
  • sidebar: "a column down one side of the screen displaying advertisements, archived links or a list of other blogs called a blogroll"
  • bye-line: "an adios or similar farewell at the end of the blogger's politely expressed opinion or angry screed"
  • wingnuts: "the prevailing put-down of right-wing bloggers"
  • moonbats: "the vilification of left-wing partisans who use the Web"
  • ping: "the gently noisy notification sent when a blog needs updating or has been updated"
  • link love: "an unsolicited, posted link that aims only to amuse or interest"
  • simultaneous blogasm: "the discovery that some other blogger has posted an identical thought at the same time"
  • meme: "a type of online chain letter where bloggers answer questions designed to give a quick overview of the blogger's personality"
  • tag: "a descriptive label applied to an individual post"
  • delicious: "To someone is to add them to your delicious bookmarks."
  • blogerati: "people sophisticated in operating blogs"
  • spam blogs, splogs and zombie blogs: "these strange animated robot-generated texts meant to game search engines. When it's published as unwanted feedback on people's blogs, it's called comment spam" — definition from former Blogger team member Biz Stone
  • fisk: "from Robert Fisk, a U.K. journalist. That's when you take an article and reprint it on your blog adding your line-by-line critique"

Some of these I've heard of before (such as sidebar, MSM, Fisk, etc.) but others seem completely "geekish" such as bye-line, the jump, and above the fold.

Blogasm seems to be the strangest to me, but that phrase probably invented by a weblog that wasn't very family friendly.


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