Thursday, February 16, 2006

Body Odor Got You Down?

I've encountered some pretty horrible stenches before, but most of those were from animals (dead and alive). Apparently The Freud encountered a stench from a group we all have come to know and love--humans.

There is one profound thing that I have experienced here in Germany that I never thought I would. On two different and distinct occasions I have been practically knocked out by the body odor of another human being.

When we first moved into our home here, the moving company sent 3 people- two men and one woman. [...]

The Woman is what caught me the most off guard. She was probably in her fifties- a heavy set woman with skin like wet leather.

She wore a stained tank top- that's right... it was sleeveless. As if the look of her pit hair as she hefted boxes out of the truck wasn't enough, she wore no bra with this t-shirt weight garment.

There are more details, but for the sake of my stomach they will be omitted here. Hopefully she will be able to get the smell out of her house as I can sympathize with her dilemma (my issue was more canine in nature, so I understand her pain).

All I can say is, at least she didn't have to purchase a gas mask. :-(


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