Friday, January 27, 2006

Another Cat Lover? Noooooo!

I guess us dog lovers are out numbered on the blogosphere (am I the only one?)

Anyways, here is a cute feline post from Reflections in the Mirror:

Usually, Socks is the sleeping sitter, but lately Abby has decided that if the chair is empty (or if Socks is in it) she will curl up and take a nap. My little Minx is coming along so well, at times I want to just walk up to her and give her a little pet. She would run if I did though.

This evening I held Abby for about 4 hours; she slept, purred, and was so happy to be in her little sleeping bag. I wish she would trust me a little more.

I wish my cat would run away from me (sometimes she does, although she thinks she owns my pillow). And she seems to demand food every morning before the sun rises from its bed. Oh well, at least she doesn't meow too loud.

Perhaps I can trade her on Ebay for a Minx? ;)


  1. I'm sorry, I do love cats. Dogs are fine, though I dont care to have them in my house. I do have a couple of dogs that I do like. Thank you for linking to my site.

  2. Hey, so I am not alone! (another point for dog lovers...heh).

    Dogs outside? Totally agree. Although I would put all animals outside if it weren't for the other wild animals one may find roaming the streets (like raccoons for example).

  3. I am not willing to part with my minx, but I am sure you could find one on your own

    1. A girl or young woman who is considered pert, flirtatious, or impudent.

    My little Abby flirts like crazy with much so that he actually hides from her.



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