Thursday, January 19, 2006

Poem On Society

Lindsay has written a beautiful poem About 'Society':

Being on the outside and observing
People taking what they can get deceiving, lying, stealing, cheating
Some think it is admirable
But where do you fall?

(Note: this is just a snipet)

Her poem looks very nice, although her site would look nicer without the Nav Bar, although you barely notice it when viewing the layout. I wonder if I should start a listing of poetry?


  1. Ha, damn. I should have filled in the name/website part and avoided the ugly numbers n stuff.

  2. (Reposted by Darnell because comment error made site weird)

    O, joy, you've linked to one of my offerings. I have known about the nav bar hack for a while now, I just like blog surfing from my page. I used to think about removing it [nav] though.

    Originally posted at 11:37 PM



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