Monday, January 30, 2006

The Boys In Blue Love Fake People Too

My only advice for anyone driving in Colorado is never drive in the HOV lane, especially with fake passengers:

(From Someguy) Well Greg Pringle (53 years old) was busted yesterday in Westminster, Colorado for illegally driving in the HOV lane with his buddy, the mannequin. [...]

Apparently, the cops that patrol a particular section of HWY 36 near Boulder noticed this car in the HOV with a passenger that "didn't look right."

They saw the car again some days later and noticed that the passenger was just a manequinn (sic) wearing a baseball cap and a grey sweatshirt so they pulled over Pringle, cited him with a $115 ticket, and confiscated his mannequin.

Looks like the police in Colorado just picked up a nifty souvenir. Although I wonder if "the doll" would be an effective deterrent if parked inside a cop car outside of a bank. Hmm...


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