Monday, January 16, 2006

Revisions Of The Law? (Faith Blog)

Over at In The Outer, Bloke posts about grace in what Christians consider to be the Old Testament:

Hosea was commanded by God to take an adulteress as his wife. Hosea got married to his new wife. They have a couple of kids together, and then she left him and returned to her adulterous life. Either she became a prostitute, or she acted as if she was one. [...]

In fact, she went as far as to make herself a sex slave of another. The Scriptures said that God instructed Hosea to seek her out, and to buy her back, bring her home and love her as his wife.

I read somewhere (back in Sunday school) that they use to stone people who engaged in that behavior. Oh well, it's good to see that people believe in a God of grace--as we all have probably committed a few mistakes here or there in our lifetime.


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