Monday, January 30, 2006

"White Trash" Blog Novel? Huh?

Update: No, I am not racist, (as I have friends of many colors) but that was the title of Fractual blog's specific post.

I am not sure if this is a blog novel or not but if so, Andrew Beatty writes a fairly interesting story:

The fact that Emma hung around with him and helped him with the work sometimes was another factor. Things with Melissa had been going south recently. He had been coming home later and later, seeing her less and less.

"I think you enjoy it out there," she said to him one night, unable to keep the scorn from her voice. It was past midnight, Chuck had tried to be quiet coming in, but apparently she had been waiting up for him. She was lying in bed, blankets piled high to keep out the chill.

I won't ruin the ending for you, but Andrew reminds me of a blog novel written by Billy Jones. Both of them have the ability to make a characters boring life interesting to the reader without adding unrealistic adventure (at least thus far).

If it turns out to be a novel I'll add it to the sidebar and post a review about it on Saturday. :)


  1. Hi there,

    Thanks for the kind words. I'm sorry if you got in trouble for the use of the phrase "White Trash," the fault is purely my own.

    The story is in fact part of a novel, one that I am posting every day, one page at a time. If you want, you can read ahead at, as there is much more of the story posted there. You might, however, be dissipointed as there is some rather unrealistic adventure coming up...


  2. Oh no! Well...hopefully it will flow well with the story.

    I look forward to reading it on Saturday. Will post a review (after work of course).




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