Sunday, January 22, 2006

Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Richard points us to an interesting article about dogs who can detect whether a patient has cancer or not:

Last week there was a report floating around in the popular news on the ability of dogs to detect cancer within humans by the way of their olfactory system i.e, they could smell a persons breath and determine if the person had cancer.

The Today show for instance had a segment on it, and showed a dog correctly sniffing out a vial containing a cancer patients breath, out of about 10 such vials.

That definitely is good news to hear, as this not only proves why dogs are more valuable than cats, but also will enable doctors to be able to quickly tell if a patient has recovered or not.

Note: For all the cat lovers out there, no blog hating. I have two cats of my own (but still am seeking a canine friend of my own).


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