Sunday, January 15, 2006

Back Towards The Mara

Chapter Two of the A messy affair at the Mara starts off pretty strong by introducing the main character:

The word "bride" even unpronounced and still in my mind sounded rather strange. Had you told me just one month ago that I would be married and on my honey moon in Africa I would have laughed so loud that the dead would have woken up.

Although I loved the first chapter, this one was not as good, although the beginning and ending were okay, the middle sort-of fizzled out on me.

This may have to do with adding romance to the story, a quick way to end any novel (not to mention a movie). Romance is the trickiest part to add to any story because if the picture isn't painted perfectly, the whole scene can look childish (i.e. fake, unrealistic, dumb) and stand out like a sour thumb.

I may try adding it to my stories, although I'll see how Chris goes about it before attempting on my own.


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