Thursday, January 19, 2006

Evil Bums

No, I don't hate poor people or those who fall into hard times. But after reading a post from Lady Buggin, I am "slightly enraged" at this person's deception:

I saw a woman at the end of the offramp today begging for money, holding up a sign that said something like "I'm in hard times, my kids have no food, been evicted, ect ect ect." This woman looked better dressed than I've ever been.

She was wearing a very nice raincoat, which obviously came from a nicer store than I could ever afford to shop in, she was talking on a cell phone, and while I was sitting there, she reached into her Louis Vitton bag (yes, I could read the d*** LV logo all over the outside) and grabbed a bottle of watter (not generic $.69 water like what I buy either) and drank it. I wished I would have had my camera to document her stupid ***. (sic)

People who fall into hard times should be taken care of and you should help them out if you can (unless you suspect they are using it for drugs, etc.). People who merely take advantage of public generosity should be fined.

Although if that happened we probably wouldn't have any politicians.


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