Monday, January 16, 2006

Deaf And Mute Blogging Too (China)

This is some great news to come across. Hopefully we can have something similar develop in the US.

(Blog Herald) The Hongkou District government in China is paying for hearing and speaking impaired to learn how to blog, in an effort to improve understanding between the disabled and the outside world.

According to The Shangaihai Daily, the blogging course, which is expected to start in the middle of this year, will be part of regular vocational training courses organized by the Hongkou District Deaf and Mute Association.

This is a plus for the hearing impaired as it will be interesting to see what thoughts lie within their cerebrium. So far twenty people have signed up, but hopefully more will join the program.

I did notice however that the link on the news site is incorrect (Shanghai Daily) as there is no "www" infront of it. The correct link is and for those of you who can not read Chinese, an English translation can be found here.


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