Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Hill House Blog?

I could be wrong, but this family seems to have traded either a website or an email list for a blog.

The Hill House Herald is no more, replaced by the
Hill House Blog

You got something to say, well share it with us all.

This appears to be their second post already, and since they seem new to the blogosphere, they may be in the mood to spice up their template (note: I keep repeating that phrase over and over again. Alas, my blogger phrase cliche).

Recommended Templates:

- ThErE'S 1 In EvErY FaMilY (preview here)
- my WEIRD family and ME (preview here)
- Pink {Family Portrait} (preview here)
- lovable beautiful--royal FAMILY (preview here)**

** Ignore the title. Despite what you see this template is safe (after all, this is a family focused blog site here). Cheers!


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