Sunday, January 15, 2006

Revisiting Simon of Space

Chapter two of Simon of Space is even funnier than the previous one. It also reveals more into Simon's condition.

"The prettiest nurse in the whole ward is named Randa.

She isn't the youngest nurse and it's fairly certain she isn't the sweetest, but there is never the less an air about her that penetrates her calm and efficient manner, relaying uninterruptibly that she is every moment a woman." [...]

She turned to leave. "Listen," I called. "Can I ask you something?" She paused tolerantly so I asked, "Has what happened to me ever happened to anyone else before?"

She arched her brow. "Only in the movies, honey."

One great thing about Matthew Hemming (the author) is his ability to draw humor out of the characters without making the story cheesy. Also, I love his first-person-perspective style of having the main character keep a journal of events on what is happening in his world.


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