Monday, January 09, 2006

Best New Year's Resolution Ever

(Hat Tip: No Regrets)

Hands down, I think this is the best New Years Resolution across the blogosphere:

So, that gay-bashing, economy-worshipping, Bush-believing idiot over there? Love her/him. That contemporary church that keeps stealing our members? Love 'em. Every one. That unbelievably stupid, worthless, frustrating teacher? Love her/him.

That jack*** "friend" who gets every ounce of my effort and returns none of the niceties? Love her/him. I've got to do it; at least, I've got to try. It's what makes the most sense, even though it's tricky. Trickier than Faith or Hope.

Love is probably something everyone needs more of, especially in the blogosphere, as people can become heated up over the dumbest items (as politics is a hot topic now-a-days). Great post Stuart! Now, if only I could market that phrase on a bumper sticker...Hmm... ;)


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