Sunday, January 15, 2006

Rad Decision Has Interesting Twist

In chapter two, the Rad Decision takes an interesting turn in the story:

It was a slushy winter day, and Vitaly's father had pointed out the ragged figures trying to sleep on heating grates. [...]

"Remember this, Vitaly Fedorovich. You may hear America called a land of opportunity. But theirs is an opportunity to starve. It may have had its moment in the sun, but the United States is crumbling now. And our Soviet Union will continue to grow stronger because the Party cares for all the people." [...]

There was only one way -- Socialism -- and it must prevail. It must.

I love this turn of events in the story! The author James Aach, has an ability to change the direction of the story without totally destroying the piece of fiction. So far Rad Decision is proving to be an excellent read throughout the second chapter.


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