Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hotmail Blues? Get Gmail!

It looks like a blogger has become fed up with using Hotmail.

Simply put, Hotmail sucks ***! The long explanation is I am not receiving emails to my hotmail account. Nor are some that I have sent reached their destination. (The husbands work email particularly)

My apologies, if you have not received a response, it's somewhere in cyber-space, and I'm giving up trying to figure out the problem for today.

Ironically, I've been getting errors whenever I try to send an Orkut invite to a friend who has a hotmail address (and no, this blog isn't offering orkut invites, although the sister site is).

Perhaps it's time she switched over to Gmail? Here is some propaganda to convince you.

Note: She has a very nice blog layout. I'm almost jealous.


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