Thursday, January 19, 2006

Terrorist Attack? False Alarm

After power went out in a store, Carla had a random thought of the worst, although it turned out to be a false alarm. It was a good thing too, as this would have been too close for comfort. More from her blog site:

Yes, now I know that was a stupid thought. Al-Qaeda was going to attack a Target in [an awesome city], South Carolina. I'm not saying that it's not completely and totally out of the realm of possibility, but I think there are other cities that are higher on the list.

The darkness didn't last as long this time--thank God--and once the lights came on and it appeared they were going to stay on, Hubby grabs the cart and asks, "Do we need anything else?"

She posts something early on about Wal Mart, advice the company may want to look into. Either way, she made it out alive and kicking, along with her "hubby." Don't you love post 9-11 America?


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