Sunday, January 15, 2006

Harry's Adventures (Chapter Two)

If you are in the mood for a subtle chuckle, Harry's Adventures makes a great read.

(Doctor Pepper the driver) "Fact is I hold vegetables and plant life in a higher reverence than animals. I try not to eat them, or kill a flower by severing its stem from the ground for selfish visual pleasures with no concern for the life of the nonviolent plant.

"Consider too how you don't see vegetables or plant life hunting down and killing each other like the savagery you see in animals. You even see this crap in the same species. Big fish eat little fish. Big birds, like hawks, prey on small birds. Dude, if I were an itty bitty sparrow and one of those humungous hawk mothers swooped down on me, I'd say, hey, Dude, check it out: feathers! wings! a beak! I'm one of you. Spare me, **** it!"

Although some may not appreciate the humor in the scene, the author does have a way at intertwining the humor within the story and fusing it with a secondary character. This is trickier than it seems (although easier than romance) and something I tried but thought the joke got away from the story.

Note: I think I will study this authors technique more and fuse it within my own blovel.


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