Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Get Paid To Blog? (Blog Explosion)

It seems as if Blog Explosion is entering the "blog business" and they have some lucrative features for those seeking employment through blogging:

BlogCharm will be introducing a whole new way for bloggers to enjoy building a blog and get paid doing it!

Our question to bloggers everywhere...
Why should blog hosts keep all of the revenue when it is the bloggers that do all of the hard work?

So far the features look pretty good and the WYSIWYG editor looks similar to Blog Spirit from the inside.

They even give users full customization of the site, something very rare in the blogosphere--at least for free versions--and will allow people to install Google Ad Sense within.

They won't be rolling out the ad compensation plan until March 1st, although the commission is high (around 50%) so it should be interesting.

The only thing lacking about the site is a trackbacks (or even backlinks) as well as CAPTCHA (or word verification). The latter is especially important because of spammers (may they rot in you know where).

If they would implement these two features, I might consider switching over...or at least starting a serious blog over there. ;)

What can I say, I love blogger!


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