Sunday, January 15, 2006

That Shaggy Dog! (Great Chapter)

The second chapter of Shaggy Dog has definitely surpassed the previous one. Here it seems our hero (or main character) is attempting to turn around his life when something he doesn't expect happens:

"You must be new in town," said one of the guys drinking beer at the bar. "I bet you think you're a real hotshot with your shaggy dog hair, leather jacket, and piece of shit motorcycle."

"Yeah, shaggy dog," laughed one of the others.

"I ain't nobody," answered Danny realizing the guy was drunk, and looking to impress his buddies. Gee, thought Danny, I thought people quit giving guys crap over long hair back in the seventies. Here it is two-thousand and one, and this clown is starting it all over. If I'm lucky I can get out of here without a fight.

"Well Mr. Nobody," the drunk yuppie continued, "you look like a tough guy. Let's see how tough you are."

I love the chapter ends (you'll have to read it for yourself as I am not going to give it away here) but also how Billy Jones (the author) is able to take the audience down memory lane without boring everyone with the details (something I must learn to do).

There is more to this story and I encourage everyone to read the next chapter.


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