Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Feeling Lonely?

It looks like Stapha has an interesting post about "feeling lonely."

It really starts to get interesting when we are alienated and we alienate others. Why would we do this? What is it that we believe in so strongly to ostracize ourselves from the people around us?

In my case, it is my future. I believe that by sacrificing more of myself ahead of time to learn more, to achieve more, that I can accomplish much more sooner and grow wiser and closer to God because of it.

I didn't expect to have to struggle against those closest to me to achieve it. Why do I perceive those that are closest to me to be the biggest threat to my accomplishments.

Gee, I don't know, but one thing I've learned is that friends are very important. Although you can't take most of them with you, keeping the ones that "keep you on track" are the most important.

Besides, if you dump all your friends your pretty much going to be insane (as people, like bloggers are social creatures). :)

Note: Hmm...posting on any weblog has been rather a hassle lately (as you can see by the midnight publishings). I think I'll post some interesting news that I discovered, then hit the sack tonight...I need to find a career blogging all day. Sigh.


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