Monday, January 09, 2006

Creative Blocks Suck? Hmm...

It looks like Jen is stuck with nothing to write about:

I've just got too much to do. Therapy tomorrow, prenatal appointment Thursday. Site concepts need to be done soon, I was hoping by Wednesday. So I sit here staring at the screen with no luck. I decide to blog but it's not really helping.

I just have to forge ahead, but it's so hard when I feel so worn down.

Well Jen, one thing I always do whenever I have writers block is work on the template design ( recommended). I find doing that motivates me on future posts, because after I am done designing, I feel the urge to write as well.

Also coming up with a "blog mission statement" might narrow down what you have to write too.

Darren, over at Pro Blogger has a list of ways to overcome writers block. Cheers!


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