Saturday, January 07, 2006

A Little Bit Of Knit

I am a little jealous of this blogger as she has been gifted with the ability to knit clothes, especially socks! (something I always seem to run out of because the store brand ones always develop holes in them)

She seems to design some pretty cool socks too (well, at least to me). Unfortunately she is giving them to someone else.

You all know I made mom socks for her birthday - but the super secret was I also made her socks for Christmas (being modeled by me, I really, really loved these socks & almost didn't give them to her)

And if you are not into socks, she alsw knits hats, scarves and who knows what. Cheers.

Note: A friend of hers seems to have helped her out with her skin template, but I think she can take it to the next level by redesigning it completely. What does everyone think about this skin (preview here)?


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