Thursday, January 05, 2006

Saving NY, One Post At A Time

FreeCycleBronxNY (almost a year old now) mission statement is to "Help Save The Environment... While Starving the Landfills of Useful Items!"

Although their mission is noble, it seems that many people are not noticing.

While we have been successful and have a little over 1000 members to date, it pains me that that goal has not been reached one year later. Mostly it is because only a small percentage of Bronxites know we exist. We have not been lucky enough to catch the eye of the major Bronx Newspapers.

My suggestion? Network with other like minded bloggers throughout the blogosphere (such as Green Thinkers, Earth Info, and Environmental Legal Blogs) as well as seek out environmental friendly media that may give you more exposure (such as Earth Times).

And (yeah, so I love write) as a final note, you may consider joining Blogger News or Blog Critics as both are listed on Google News.


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