Thursday, January 05, 2006

Is Chivalry Dead?

An interesting post by Peishanyeo:

Then there are those who want the best of both worlds. I demand equality, dignity and courtesy, and while you're at it, you can carry my shopping bag / open the car door / let me have your seat on the bus. Respect me, and worship me. Extol me like a goddess. Bow regularly, and venerate.

In my opinion, girls can't expect to have it both ways. If you want equality, you can't have preferential treatment.

Her post is long, but if you survive towards the end she signs off with this.

Bottomline - "equality" (a misnomer in this context) is not about treating women as if they were men, but about treating women the right way, as women. We want to be respected, we want the right to vote, we chafe at gender discrimination in school or at work, but we would still appreciate some help with moving heavy boxes or changing the car tyres. [...]

Treat me like a woman ought to be treated, please. If not, who's gonna do the dirty work?

Probably not a post many feminist would love to hear, but many guys may find it valuable. I sure did.


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