Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Frugal For Life (Saving You Money?)

If your taxes and gas prices are becoming too expensive, Frugal For Life has some ideas on how you can save some money.

Car Mats- Use plastic runners or carpet samples, cut to size

Car freshener- Old candles with no wick, placed in a *clean* sock and hidden under the seat works. When it melts down, just throw it all away. [...]

Hair- The new fertilizer, 6 lbs of hair = 100lbs of manure(and smells better), hair also has 27 trace minerals in it. check out barber Bill Black's little side business.

Phone book- A new Year has brought new phone books, use the old ones for confetti or packaging

Dawn, the owner of the site lists more ways to save money, ranging from envelopes to stamps to even tooth stain remover. (LOL)

I wonder if she actually has tried out any of these methods?

1 comment:

  1. Nope- Don't try them all. Don't want to on some and others I really think are odd. I just put the info out there for others mostly. Everyone has different levels of frugalness



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