Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Lost Wookie Film Found? (Star Wars)

After years of being mocked by friends and family, it looks like Father Crow has at last found the Long Lost Wookie Film:

Lucas only allowed one showing of it, in any of the European countries it made it's insidious way over to, and one showing in the U.S., he wanted to protect the mass hallucination of "Lucas as cinema auteur". [...]

The plot, such as it is, involves Luke Skywalker and Han Solo battling the Imperial forces in order to help Chewbacca reach his imperiled family on the Wookiee planet - in time for Life Day, which oddly enough was the most important day of the year.

Father Crow discovered evidenced of the films existence over at IMDb, although a Google search reveals a fan site dedicated towards this lost film, The Star Wars Holiday Special.


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