Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Pit Stop, Honduras

Today's country features the nation of Honduras, which border Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. Honduras is the perfect spot for tourists, although guard your wallets as tourist are generally easy prey (a general rule no matter where you travel).

Many bloggers on the Profile List have given up on blogging. There were two however who seemed to have blogged on through the New Year, the first being JMM who just recovered from being sick. JMM is feeling better though and is asking his visitors to post their New Years resolution on his site. (Note: What if you never made one?)

Our second blog "from" Honduras is actually from Costa Rica, so either he is lying or Blogger is...and we won't go into the possibilities of either. Anyways, Jose seems to be a huge fan of Madonna and writes about how his friends miss him as he is traveling through Costa Rica right now.

Happy Blogspot

We have some birthdays in the blogosphere!

Cesar Romero from Mexico turns 24 today and talks about how he faked his own death via a suicide note (Note: english translation here).

N.W.A. from Malaysia turns thirty but he apparently is not into blogging, although you can email him a happy birthday if you desire to.

Blogger Delights brings highlights from various nations as well as celebrating birthdays throughout the blogosphere. If one is interested in visiting some of these blogs, simply click here.


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