Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Surfing The Blogosphere!

Here is a random selection of blogs one may find upon approaching the home page of Blogger.com.

Deep South Jewish Voice is a news agencies blog covering events of Jewish life within that region. Up north the Jewish Blogmeister observes how an artist sells more albums by dropping his last name.

Meanwhile Sheila seems to be working up a sweat while Sameera wishes she was wealthier. (Note: Hello Sheila, have you tried Google Ad Sense?)

Abel (who has a very nice blog site) recommends the movie Cinderella Man while Joy discusses her encounters with the Hare Krishna followers and how it relates to her Christian faith.

The Golf Blog displays a beautiful Mercedes while apparently it seems that Brittany is "awfully sick" (Note: I hope you get better).

That's all for the random blogs, now lets try viewing some international ones. ;)

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  1. HEY, Thanks for mentioning me on your site! :)



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