Sunday, January 08, 2006

Rad Decision: Episode 01

This blog novel is probably up there with Simon in Space. Somebody get this guy a publisher. Here is a teaser from Episode 01:

"Steve Borden could hear the woman's muffled fury as he reached for the door, and he was grateful for the distraction that allowed him to slip in unnoticed. She was standing at the front of the small, bare auditorium, a stout lady in a nylon jacket, unleashing a tirade at the Hoosier Electric spokesman on the podium. Lives had been ruined! Children would die!"

This blog novel (do they call it blovels or something?) takes place in the past and deals with the consequences of Nuclear power and what happens'll just have to find out by reading it. ;)


  1. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Rad Decision is now available in paperback at online retailers. I encourage anyone who's enjoyed it to leave a review at one of these sites.

    Also, as someone who provided online support, I'm happy to provide you with a gift certificate for a copy. Just send me an e-mail to prompt me.

  2. Anonymous1:17 PM

    Forgot to mention: The blog is still online as well, since I'm foregoing royalties from the book anyway.



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