Sunday, January 08, 2006

A Blog Novel For Southeners

Here is a novel entitled "Shaggy Dog," which although long, seems fairly interesting. The first chapter may appeal to those who enjoy the outdoors, especially those in the south:

"Danny Johnson was just your average redneck white boy. He grew up in a small southern mill town where there was nothing to do except work in the cotton mill, or leave town. Danny left town. He soon learned that small towns in the south were all about the same. Of course, big towns weren't much different. They were just bigger."

Although generally outside of my interest, this blog novel should make a pretty interesting read as the author does have a great technique pulling the emotions out of characters--something I could probably learn in story writing.

(Note: instead of reviewing every novel I come across, I will simply review the good ones I encounter. If the blog appears to be in excellent condition, on the sidebar it goes!)

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    That guy, Billy Jones, he can't write Cra... Wait a minute, that's me. Thanks for the review.



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