Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Watch Out For The Ice

Charlie Beth posts her experience about driving on icy roads in the UK:

Driving Yorkie to work this morning I was a little suprised to see Debs parked at a very odd angle just up the road from the Garden Centre car park. [...] She had just got out of the car and was walking towards the house she was out side.

I slowed down a little more than ususal thinking she's say something about why she was stopped there.... and I found out all on my own! Although I had applied the brake the car just kept on going! With Debs right between my car and hers and no traction on her feet to get out of the way!

Charlie Beth made it home safely (without damage to the car) and advocates the use of "Watch For Ice" road signs as well as recommending caring citizens to use the "grit bin."

How come we don't have grit bins in America?


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